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Chiropractic Care

Covered by nearly all major insurance providers.

Nutritional IVs

Vitamin-infused IVs; feel better and heal faster than ever before.

Regenerative Medicine

Amplify what the body does naturally and accelerate the healing process.

Nutrition Counseling

Sleeping poorly? Lethargic? Your diet can be a large factor. We can fix it.

Dry Needling

Give your muscles a break; revive your body and mind.

Laboratory Services

CBC panels, hormone levels, all the latest technology at your fingertips.

Client Feedback

What our
clients are saying.

Alan was suffering from ten years of bad lower back pain. The pain “started in his back, went through his hip and went to the bottom of his foot”.

“I just didn’t know which step is was going to happen on.”

After treatment, Alan could take mile-long hikes without pain. “It was just a wonderful feeling”.

There’s been “a lot of changes”, but the Alan says main one is “I don’t have the back pain or the shooting down my leg anymore.”

Alan’s life has become “wonderful” without the pain, and he doesn’t “have to worry about wondering when I’m going to feel a shock on the bottom of my foot.”

Alan, Nashville

“My health issues are gone”

Michelle was having heart palpitations, she had issues with her hands – she “couldn’t even use her hand at times.”

She suffered from regular headaches.

If she thinks back, she “can’t remember all her health issues, because she doesn’t have them anymore, which is huge.”

“Dr. Jason started adjusting my wrist – no one had ever done that. Then he started adjusting my elbow and all the things that led up to the issues.”

“Then he started working with me on nutrition, and different supplements, and that helped with the heart palpitations.”

“It was nice to finally know why all these things were happening – the education that they give here is so beautiful.”

Michelle, Franklin

“I can sleep through the night without pain”

Dan was suffering severe neck and back pain that was waking him up throughout the night.

Through corrective care, this is now behind him.

“The activities I’m able to do now are pretty much unlimited.”

“The most important thing for me is the sleep. I was not getting any sleep hardly at all.”

“From the care that I’ve received here I’m more able to focus on my daily routines instead of the constant neck and shoulder pain I was receiving. And back pain as well.”

“I’m able to bend over, I’m more confident in what I can do at work – lifting, and shifting, a lot of those things have come into play whereas before, every thought had to be around the fact that there’s going to be pain caused from this movement or that movement.”

Dan, Nashville

Kestner Health + Wellness

An award-winning Chiropractic firm.

Proudly serving Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Bellevue, and the surrounding area since 2007.

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Kestner Health + Wellness

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Discover the true cause – the origin – of your pain and various health issues.

Did your doctor recommend a drug or surgery to fix your issues? Did they tell you you’d have to live with pain for the rest of your life?

Experts in our field.

Both Dr. Jenny and Dr. Jason received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees in 2004.

Whole-health philosophy

Eliminate your pain, then feel better than you ever have previously.

Client focused team.

Your health and wellness is our #1 priority. We live to serve.

Our Team

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Medical Director

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LeeAnn Balletto

Office Manager

Amanda Sink

Office Administrator

Judy Kestner

Director of Finance

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