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Help your body help itself.

Sometimes the answer is to simply amplify what the body does naturally.

Your body has the innate ability to heal and defend in the wake of injury.

Accelerating your body’s natural response mechanisms produces powerful results.

It can be a pleasant surprise to learn the same body – your body – that has been causing you discomfort and pain, has wanted to be healed this entire time.

Regenerative medicine works to restore structure and function of damaged tissues through a variety of cutting-edge means.

What if it was possible to harness the power of your own body to ramp up the healing process in a clinical setting?

What if it was possible to simply help the body heal itself naturally?

Amniotic allograft therapy leverages a liquid allograft composed of stem cells used to aid in healing injured joints.

It signals the body to produce new cells to replace those that have been injured.

This reduces inflammation, decreases pain, supports healthy tissue regeneration, and is an excellent alternative to invasive, painful surgery.

You don’t have to continue to suffer. You can help your body do what it does best.

Platelet-rich plasma is a technique that separates this component of the blood, which is used to rapidly increase the healing rate of an impacted joint.

It is remarkably effective.

The process is covered by most medicare plans.

It heals wounds at a greatly increased rate

Sometimes, a cut or wound simply won’t heal.

At first it’s an annoyance. Then it becomes a real problem. Platelet-rich plasma can resolve this quickly and efficiently.

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